Boulevard UI

Boulevard is a business management platform developed to help streamline the operations of appointment-based businesses.

Boulevard UI (or BLVD UI) is Boulevard's design system that offers a library of visual style and components released as reusable components for our designers and developers. The two tangible pieces of BLVD UI are the Figma Component Library (FCL) and React Component Library (RCL). The design system's guiding principles and guidelines inform the visual and functional aspects of the component library.

My Role
User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Front-end Development
Figma & Web


Dashboard, Boulevard's primary product, used different component frameworks and libraries for years with no clear direction. This happened organically from its infancy with little design direction and engineers directly controlling the user experience. This accumulating into technical debt that the newly minted product design team thought to be untenable.


A design system's primary goal is to bring order to chaos. Using the current user experience as a starting point, it was my goal to help establish standards, guidelines, and design and build reusable components that could be used by designers and engineers in Figma and code.

My Role

As my long-term project, I was directly in charge of researching, strategizing, designing, and building the design system and component library with some assists from the product design and front-end engineering team.
Blvd ui figma library
BLVD UI - Figma Library
Blvd ui component library
BLVD UI - Component Library via Storybook