Brainbase Assist

Brainbase is a platform that helps brands manage and monetize their intellectual property.

Brainbase Assist helps companies manage any licensing, partnership or sponsorship agreement from end-to-end in a single platform.

My Role
Front-end Development


With every budding startup, there are ideas, adjustments, compromises, and pivots. The "Move Fast and Break Things" approach typically comes with cruft and technical debt in the code. After years of accumulation and neglect, the underlying code architecture needed to be reassessed.

My Role

I helped plan and establish a component-driven approach to rebuild the front-end UI layer using Bootstrap UI framework and refactor the front-end to use patterns and design tokens.

Note: Brainbase's product designer produced the design work seen below.

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Brainbase Assist - Contract List
Brainbase assist
Brainbase Assist
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