Fullscreen Creator Platform

Fullscreen Media is a social entertainment company that offers a full suite of services and tools to content creators and brands to enable them to create and monetize compelling content to their full potential on video and social platforms such as YouTube.

Fullscreen Creator Platform is a suite of proprietary apps for content creators to strategically build an audience and monetize content. Creator Platform includes channel analytics, earnings reports, community features that allow Fullscreen's global network of creators to connect and collaborate through groups and forums, and third-party offerings.

My Role
Front-end Development, User Interface Design


Fullscreen's business model for much of its existence is to partner with YouTube creators and provide tools to add value and support creators in the creating and promotion of their content for a cut of their ad revenue. YouTube creators generally want to spend more time creating content and less time worrying about the business, including the supporting tasks it requires to run a successful YouTube channel.


The goal was to provide tools for creators to help them create better content and ultimately make more money. At the time, YouTube only offered basic analytics and tools with Creator Platform positioned to cater to the more professional content creators.

My Role

As a designer-turned-front-end-engineer for the duration of this project, I led the process of building out the user interface framework in code, working with the product design team to create the design system using reusable components. I followed the Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS) system that provided a framework to organize CSS into reusable, scalable patterns for our ever-growing web application. The web stack included Ruby on Rails, Sass, and Angular.

Note: The Fullscreen product design team produced the work seen below.

Creator platform feed
Fullscreen Creator Platform Feed
Creator platform directory
Fullscreen Creator Platform Creator Directory
Creator platform group
Fullscreen Creator Platform Group Page