Fullscreen Media is a social entertainment company that supports content creators and brands to create compelling content and monetize it to their full potential on video and social platforms such as YouTube.

Fullscreen Go

Fsgo 01 landing

Fullscreen Go is an app that starts the sign up process by which potential creators of YouTube channels apply to join Fullscreen. This semi-automated process starts with the potential applicant authenticating with Google for Fullscreen Go to do some basic checks on their channel for approval. This tool integrates with Fullscreen’s Salesforce application and automatically generates a contract for the applicant if their channel is approved.

My Role

User Experience Design & User Interface Design


The goal was to simplify the application process and lower manual interaction by employees. While on the surface this seemed like a straightforward process, there's a lot going on behind the scenes including a few different services talking to each other. Furthermore, it was not fully transparent to the applicant what Fullscreen Go was doing with their channel information.


Fsgo user flow

The Product Manager and I teamed up by starting with interviews with the channel operations team to learn about how Fullscreen Go works, their role interacting with Fullscreen Go and any positive or negative feedback they had about the process. With all the notes and feedback in hand, I put together a user flow to document and better understand how the Fullscreen signup process worked.

Even though there’s a lot going on behind the scenes of Fullscreen Go, there were four main views to design (not including email designs).

From the user’s perspective:

Fsgo 01 landing
The applicant lands on the homepage with marketing copy and the value proposition. The applicant authorizes their data to be shared from Google (that screen not seen here as it’s owned by Google).
Fsgo 02 basic info
The applicant gives us their basic information and agree to terms.
Fsgo 03 review
The applicant gets the standard contract of two years and 70% cut. When the applicant clicks the 'Sign the Legal' button, they are taken to our contract service to e-sign.
Fsgo 04 sent
After signing, the contract is sent to Fullscreen and to the applicant via email. Even though they have signed a contract, the contract gets final approval from Fullscreen's legal department.