Fullscreen Go

My Role
User Experience Design & User Interface Design

Fullscreen Media is a social entertainment company that offers a full suite of services and tools to content creators and brands to enable them to create and monetize compelling content to their full potential on video and social platforms such as YouTube.

Fullscreen Go is a microsite that allows YouTube creators to apply to partner with Fullscreen Media. This semi-automated process starts with the potential applicant authenticating with Google to do some basic checks on their channel. This tool integrates with Fullscreen Media's Salesforce application and automatically generates a contract for the applicant if their channel meets the requirements.


In the early days of Fullscreen, signing YouTube talent to Fullscreen was an entirely manual process. This process was managed entirely with a Google Spreadsheet that was shared across the team — a laborious, tedious, and mistake-prone process. When the first version of Fullscreen Go launched, it was a big success. It established a consistent process and made an arduous process more efficient, but there was still room for improvement.


The first version of Fullscreen Go eliminated the Google Spreadsheet, but there was still a considerable amount of human intervention required to get a creator through the partnering process. We wanted to further reduce the pain points by automating some of the more tedious tasks. While on the surface this seemed straightforward, a lot is going on under the hood — including a few different background services talking to each other. Furthermore, it was not sufficiently transparent to the applicant what Fullscreen Go was doing with their channel information.

My Role

My role in this project was to research the current Fullscreen Go process, interview the internal stakeholders, analyze feedback, come up with a comprehensive design solution to address the pain points, and produce a landing page design for the user-facing screens.


Fullscreen Go has two distinct users, the applicant and the partnerships team who handled new Fullscreen partner applicants. The product manager and I teamed up and conducted interviews with the partnerships team to learn about how Fullscreen Go works, their role interacting with Fullscreen Go, and any positive or negative feedback they had about the process.

Fsgo user flow
Fullscreen Go - User flow

After conducting interviews and parsing feedback, I put together a user flow to document how the Fullscreen apply process currently worked. Fullscreen Go required interaction with a few different APIs, and there was very little documentation that existed that explained the technical aspects.

Despite everything that is going under the hood, there are only four screens in Fullscreen Go that required a design — The apply flow for the applicant. We needed a design for the landing page, basic information form, review and sign contract terms, and confirmation screen.

Fsgo 01 landing
Fullscreen Go - Landing screen

The applicant visits on the landing page with marketing copy conveying the value proposition. If the applicant chooses to go through the application process, The applicant authorizes their Google and YouTube data for sharing with Fullscreen Media.

Fsgo 02 basic info
Fullscreen Go - Basic information screen

The applicant gives Fullscreen Media their basic information and agrees to the terms. After clicking the 'Continue' Button, Fullscreen Go records the applicant's collected information in Salesforce as an opportunity.

Fsgo 03 review
Fullscreen Go - Review and sign contract terms screen

If the applicant passes the automated check, they get offered a standard contract of two years and a seventy percent cut of ad revenue. The 'Sign the Legal' button takes them to our contract service (DocuSign) to e-sign the generated contract.

Fsgo 04 sent
Fullscreen Go - Confirmation screen

After signing, Fullscreen Go sends the contract to Fullscreen. The applicant receives the contract via email. The contract requires final approval from Fullscreen's legal department.

If approved, the applicant gets a congratulatory email confirming their acceptance with additional steps to take to connect their YouTube channel to Fullscreen Media's content management system. Once the applicant takes these final steps, they get an introductory email inviting them to Creator Platform.

If rejected, the applicant gets an email notifying them of their rejection, typically with a reason. The applicant is allowed to can re-apply in six months.