Goldstar Events

Goldstar is a destination to purchase last-minute, discounted tickets to live events.
Goldstar Events sells last-minute, discounted tickets to its members throughout the United States. Live events are perishable and venues want to sell out all their events to maximize their potential revenue. Goldstar facilitates this by offering the tickets at half price (give or take) to it’s large member base. The venue keeps all the money from ticket sales while Goldstar collects a service fee, a win-win for both the venue partners and Goldstar. Live events include theater, comedy, sports, music, performing arts, amongst other types. Goldstar was bootstrapped by its 3 founders and has been around for over a decade.

I was hired in early 2011 on to a small team to help out the lone designer on the team while also building out and refactoring front end code. Goldstar’s tech stack is a very large Ruby on Rails and Perl codebase that includes the consumer facing website, a complex content management system, and an automated email system that sent out algorithmically generated emails each day. We sped up the application by using the most modern web practices supported by our browser policy and monitored our progress by using performance monitoring tools such as New Relic.

This Weekend is a mobile app that displays a curated list of events for the next week.

I also designed new features and the first iteration of the iOS mobile application, called "This Weekend" at the time. This Weekend was a mobile app that had a curated list of events for the next week, the goal was to allow the user to easily buy a ticket to a featured event without any hassle. The focus on this single task forced us to make decisions that allowed for a simplified user experience and launch it without including all the complex and secondary features built in to the website.