Goldstar - This Weekend

My Role
User Experience Design, User Interface Design
Mobile (iOS)

Goldstar Events sells discounted tickets to live entertainment such as theatre, concerts, and sporting events in most of the major cities in the United States.

This Weekend is a small application that has a curated list of Goldstar live events for the next week. The goal is to allow the user to easily buy a ticket to a featured event without any hassle or distraction.


At the time, Goldstar's main platform to reach their members was via and the many emails sent on a weekly and daily basis. Goldstar had no native mobile presence and we felt that bringing the full experience to mobile would be a large undertaking.


We decided to dip our toe into the water slowly by building a small mobile app with an one featured event per day. We wanted to build and launch fast so we could release to the public and validate the idea. Since this app was not a full-featured goldstar app, the acute focus forced us to make decisions that allowed for a simplified user experience and launch it without including all the complex and secondary features built in to the website. I started with low-fidelity wireframes and went into visual mockups soon after.