Taboola platform allows online content publishers to market digital content through a recommendation engine which is served via website widgets & feeds on publishers and websites across the web.

Network Insights

Network insights v1

Network Insights is a first-of-its-kind-feature that allows publishers to compare articles to overall traffic to the Taboola Network and identifying topics that readers are interested in. Network Insights spots trending and declining topics and provides the data to the publisher to help them make decisions on topic coverage.

My Role

User Experience Design & User Interface Design


Nobody in our domain has this specific feature so there wasn't any precedent to look at for research. The biggest problem was deciding on how to present the data in a way that wasn’t confusing and easy to grasp.


Network Insights was a data visualization heavy project, and as somebody who hasn't spent so much time designing for heavy data sets and the best way to visualize them, I had research to do. To prepare for designing for data, I read the book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte to get a better understanding of the best practices of data visualizations.

Since I was new to the content marketing domain and it was my very first project under employment at Taboola, I started with requirements recommended by the product manager/leadership and used a "see what sticks" approach, meaning, come up with design solutions for all feasible ideas and then identify what works and what doesn't. This feature was going to be used by seasoned publishers so I didn’t design for transient users (i.e. users who spend a short amount of time interacting with a UI to achieve a goal).

Network insights v1
First version of Network Insights we launched. Loyal Readers (top bar graphs) are considered a repeat visitor if they visited the publisher's site more than once in a span of two weeks. Top categories compared the publisher's loyal readers to categories read across the Taboola Network. The table at the bottom is top topics that could be sorted by the publisher's coverage against topic, which would be considered a coverage opportunity.
Network insights live
Network Insights Live - topic data visualization. In the second iteration, we added a topic view that was a visual representation of the topic table seen in the first iteration. The user can click on individual topics and get the high level data of a topic (see panel at bottom left).
Network insights trend
Same topic view with topics trending up or down.
Network insights tv
Fullscreen/TV display - Some publishers have a large dataset. I designed this view with no website chrome (i.e. removing the layout, unnecessary UI elements.) and it can also be used as a TV display.