Designing while Traveling

I'm not interested in the digital nomad lifestyle per se, but I've always felt my desk to be a ball and chain, especially if I want to get any design work done. Most of the designers I know have this problem.

There's nothing revolutionary about Anand's work style – a lot of coders and techie types work this way. It's about adjusting to a smaller workspace and challenging yourself to becoming better with the touchpad. What is different is seeing a designer breaking free from the desk and designing on a tiny screen.

I'm going to try this more often. Can't be that hard, right?


MVCSS is a Sass-based CSS architecture for creating predictable and maintainable application style.

A New Year

The year is new so I can still talk about new years resolutions, at least until the end of January when people start canceling their gym memberships. I have a one that I'd like to talk about.

Principles of User Interface Design

If you are interested in user interface design and think all books are TL;DR, here you go.

But in all seriousness, there are some small nuggets of information in there for anybody who wants to get into UI design. #18 is my favorite:

Symbolset Icons

Just preordered these beautiful icons, you should too.

They will be released June 29, only a week from now.

Rolled My Own

Over the years, I've used many different blog engines (Simplelog, Wordpress, and breifly, Tumblr) to write stuff on the web – all have their merits and faults. I was never completely happy with any of them so I decided to roll my own blog engine using Ruby on Rails, which is what you see here.

It's Not You Portland, It's Me

Or the working title:

Sorry Portland, I'm Breaking Up with You For the Hot, Tanned, Busty Blonde that is Los Angeles, Although I Typically Go For Wavy Haired, Glasses-Wearing, Tatted Up, Scarf-Wearing, Intellectual Brunettes Like You, Portland, the Thing is It's Been 4 Years and This Relationship isn't Going Anywhere, Time to Move On, Smooch Smooch, Love You, Bye

Spring of 2005, I decided that I needed to leave Florida. Living there my whole life, I felt life there became rather stagnant for me. I love my Florida friends, most of whom I have remained in contact with, but I wanted to experience something completely different — something that would be impossible to do in Orlando, a cultural wasteland centered around family-friendly fun. Fresh off of dropping out from the University of Central Florida, I thought this was a good opportunity as ever to live up to my already nomadic lifestyle by leaving Florida and moving to the West Coast.