From time to time, I feel inspired enough about something to write about it,
but don’t hold your breath.

Designing while Traveling

I'm not interested in the digital nomad lifestyle per se, but I've always felt my desk to be a ball and chain, especially if I want to get any design work done. Most of the designers I know have this problem.

There's nothing revolutionary about Anand's work style —– a lot of coders and techie types work this way. It's about adjusting to a smaller workspace and challenging yourself to become better with the touchpad. What is different is seeing a designer breaking free from the desk and designing on a tiny screen.

I'm going to try this more often. Can't be that hard, right?

Principles of User Interface Design

If you are interested in user interface design and think all books are TL;DR, here you go.

But in all seriousness, there are some small nuggets of information in there for anybody who wants to get into UI design. #18 is my favorite:

Symbolset Icons

Just preordered these beautiful icons, you should too.

They will be released June 29, only a week from now.

Rolled My Own

Over the years, I've used many different blog engines (Simplelog, Wordpress, and briefly, Tumblr) to write stuff on the web – all have their merits and faults. I was never completely happy with any of them so I decided to roll my own blog engine using Ruby on Rails, which is what you see here.

Wolfram Alpha and Hubristic User Interfaces

An excellent write-up on the difference between control and intelligent user interfaces, the failure of natural language search in Wolfram Alpha, and the "demo illusion" (i.e. a person having success with a system they have created may not lead to success among the masses).

(via Signal vs Noise)

User Experience Deliverables

20 user experience deliverables, along with resources and examples. These deliverables are only a means to an end, but user experience designers spend a good chunk of their time creating these artifacts.

I love seeing how other designers present information and ideas in a easy to digest format.