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Dear Designer, You Suck

URL: http://www.subtraction.com/2009/04/09/dear-designer-you-suck/

Khoi Vinh calls for more open, constructive criticism of each others' work as designers:

Sometimes I wonder, then: given that everyone in design seems to more or less know everyone else, are we really having the kinds of meaningful, constructive, critical discourses that we really should be having? Are we too quick to take offense at the opinions of our peers? Or are we pulling our punches too much when discussing the merits of the work that our peers turn out? To put a finer point on it: are we being honest with one another?

When someone asks me for feedback on their work, I try to be objective and honest with them, even more so when I have a certain level of rapport with said person. But, when I have something critical to say, I watch my tone of voice, as I want them to hear the feedback without the person interpreting as a personal attack. My experience with designers (myself included) is they sometimes align critical feedback of their work with a personal attack.

Personally, I like to think I take criticism well from designers who I respect. The trouble I have is a tendency to dismiss feedback from designers who I don't respect, along with non-designers, non-designers commonly being developers. Their reputation (or lack thereof) precedes their feedback and holds less weight with me, even if they have valid concerns. When I step back, I see that I should handle these situations more objectively by being more inclusive and receptive, while remaining assertive, standing behind my design decisions. Clear communication and approach are key here, as we all have our egos to worry about.