From time to time, I feel inspired enough about something to write about it,
but don’t hold your breath.

Bye Griffin Webworks, Hello Deadbolt

Since the end of 2003, I've worked under the alias Griffin Webworks. The whole reason I chose this name just over 5 years ago was sort of out of ignorance. I was under the assumption (after reading up on business names on the internet) that since the business name encompassed my last name, I wouldn't be required to file any paperwork to run as a business, which is something that mattered very much to me as a poor college student. I found out months later that I assumed wrong and spent big bucks ($50) to register it as a DBA. I did freelance work under this name until the beginning of 2007 when I decided to stop altogether, as I had a full-time job. With my decision to come back to it 2 years later, I decided it was time for a change.

Enter Deadbolt. I've owned this domain name for just over 3 years with the intentions to rebrand myself, and with my current situation, I decided it was time to do just that. Griffin Webworks is now officially retired.

And with that, I'm open for business.