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Designers Do It in Groups

URL: http://rhjr.net/theblog/2009/07/07/designers-do-it-in-groups

Robert Hoekman writes:

I recently began working with a client whose staff doesn't design together. When they walk into the office in the morning, they plug in their headphones and stare at their screens, hardly speak to each other, and forge product plans by way of short, infrequent conversations about what needs to be implemented next and when. The conference room has only a table and a projector. The front room is filled with broken-down boxes, presumably leftover from setting up shop in a new place, but the company has been in the space for months.

The people on this team are smart and engaged, but they're nowhere near doing their best work. They're not taking advantage of each other's ideas and passions. They're not having any fun.

I've worked in a couple of environments similar to what Robert describes here. In both environments, I did not work at an efficiency I would consider to be productive. More importantly, I did not produce what I would consider to be my best work.

What I've taken away from both experiences is the work environment of any job will always set a threshold on the potential enthusiasm (and fun) you will have for the duration of your time at said job. In other words, focus on evaluating the team you will be working with, not the work you will be doing. Enthusiasm and attitude are contagious.

A bit of a tangential thought from Hoekman's point, but thought it was worth noting.