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The one about "look and feel"

URL: http://www.adaptivepath.com/ideas/the-one-about-look-and-feel/

Andrew Crow of Adaptive Path explains why we should do away with the phrase, "look and feel" when referring to visual aspects of a design:

Visual design is often subjective and can be difficult to describe or judge. Often, people lack the language or understanding of the work to accurately express their opinions. Consequently, we use simple terms of the way an object "looks" or how it "feels".

Speaking in terms of these qualities does a disservice to the design. We cheapen the value of the work by paying attention only to the superficial aspects.

When I refer to the visual design of a website or a web application, I tend to use "aesthetics" or "style layer" but those words don't do visual design any more justice than "look and feel".

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