From time to time, I feel inspired enough about something to write about it,
but don’t hold your breath.

Rolled My Own

Over the years, I've used many different blog engines (Simplelog, Wordpress, and briefly, Tumblr) to write stuff on the web – all have their merits and faults. I was never completely happy with any of them so I decided to roll my own blog engine using Ruby on Rails, which is what you see here.

I didn't set out to write my own blog engine, but everything out there didn't seem to fit my needs. It was either too complicated, too cumbersome to customize (I'm looking at you tumblr, seriously guys, you need some better theme development tools), or didn't integrate well with this website. There were no popular blog engines that run on Rails and really, why would there be? If you are a developer you could write a blog engine as a weekend project using Rails.

This website was already a custom built Rails application that I use to manage my projects so it wasn't a great leap to add a blog. The admin UI isn't revolutionary (I'm using Active Admin), but it gets the job done for now. I plan to do all my writing in Mou, a Markdown editor for the Mac.

This is a work in progress and missing some key features (No RSS? What?) but hey, look at this beautiful blog post on my website.