A New Year

The year is new so I can still talk about new years resolutions, at least until the end of January when people start canceling their gym memberships. I have a one that I'd like to talk about.

I've spent more than half my life designing websites as a hobby and for a living. My personal website has gone through several reincarnations – It's been everything from Flash to a Rails application from a blog to a portfolio to both. My problem has always been that I'd rather tinker than write; I'd rather spend time building a complex CMS than write; I'd rather tweak the design than write; I'd rather stare and marvel at it until I can find something else to tinker with than write. I decided to ditch my half-baked rails app and use Middleman. It has greatly lowered the barrier to write, no databases, no Rails, no complex CMS, no tinkering.

I also removed my portfolio. I'm a Product Designer & UI Engineer who doesn't freelance, a portfolio is almost worthless. I work within a fairly large Product and Engineering team at Fullscreen and work on a fairly complex web application. I didn't design it alone, I didn't build it alone, I've contributed in many ways, but it's not mine.

So here it is, a blog that I designed and built in my spare time over the span of a few weeks. I have no excuses now.

Here's to 2014.