Hailing from Panama City, Florida, I currently reside in Los Angeles, California with my lovely girlfriend and cat. I enjoy all things design, politics, soccer, and music.

About Chris

I started building websites about twenty years ago with a pirated version of Photoshop, writing mangled HTML & CSS in Notepad on my Windows 95 PC, and uploading my beautiful web creations to Geocities. When I became a professional, the web standards movement was picking up steam and websites had to work in Internet Explorer 6 because Microsoft were sadists (I still have nightmares about IE6 to this day). The web has come a long way from when I started; nevertheless, my passion has always been the same: solving problems and building solutions with current web technologies.

I've always been a self-starter and a tech DIY-er which has led me to acquire skills across several tech disciplines. I have a tendency to get bored if I'm not doing all the things, most of the time. In my 14 years of experience, I’ve worked mostly for small to medium sized startups and usually have "designer" and sometimes "developer" in my job title. Please check out my résumé for a full list of my experience.

My Setup


This website was built using many web technologies. First and foremost, Middleman, a static site generator handles most of the heavy lifting. Within Middleman, I use Webpack to manage most of the assets, Sass, my favorite CSS preprocessor, and a handful of modules from Bulma, a light CSS framework, not to mention, my own handy work to bring it all together.