Hi, I'm Chris Griffin.

I'm a Full Stack Designer and Front End Developer living in Los Angeles.

For work inquiries or questions, please feel free to email me or call me at (213) 375-4040 and leave a voicemail.

I have spent over half my life designing and building products and websites that are both beautiful and user-friendly. Working for both small and large startups, I have acquired a wide range of skills both in design and web development. Please check out my resume and LinkedIn profile for more info.


The design you see here was created using using Affinity Designer for the logo and vector graphics, Sketch for the web experience, with a bit of Photoshop for photo editing.

This website was built using many web technologies. First and foremost, it is built using Middleman, my favorite static site generator that I use for just about everything from prototyping to scaffolding out HTML emails. Front-end technologies includes Sass, Bootstrap, Bourbon and jQuery.